The Real NFL

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forget what you heard, this is the REAL NFL tribe...

Come, relax... pull up a chair, feel at home, let's have fun yah, for those who are passionate about the game --get up and jump, scream, cheer -whatever! That's right, feel free to speak your mind talk sh*t... help yourself to all that you like... the kegs tapped, the bowl's-a-smoking, and there's plenty of food and party snacks...shrimps on the barbie, porterhouse on the grill...and the ladies are hot and spicy finger licking good.

Check it!

Let's have fun yah, and enjoy the games.

There may be a lot of trash talking, but it’s all in good fun, when the dust settles we’ll know it's just a game, and can still be friends and good sports about it.

i just want everyone to feel free to express themselves and share their passion for the game, their teams and thoughts (unlike that other NFL tribe) Express yourself!

wear your helmet and pads cause "this is some hard hitting Raw in your face type of shit"

none of that artificial turf mess…
let's get down like they used to back in the day, you remember ;-)

this is the Real in-your-face knocking 'em on their ass football.. ...damn-it :-)

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